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Date: 6月 2013 Skills: Digital Art / デジタルアート
Interactive / インタラクティブ

yakul and studio_01 have recently participated in an exhibition at the Tokyo University of the Arts with their piece entitled “Epoch I”.

exhibition website

Over the course of “Materializing”, various people will make their mark on the exhibition as they witness a variety of projects. As they move, the space over which people move is most affected by their presence. In the other areas, ones that remain more still, layers upon layers can be added, un-weathered, un-compacted, and unchanged. As these layers grow, visitors’ paths and motion can be traced into the earth.

yakul + studio_01 have created an small scale environment of the exhibition space as a sculpture and using cameras located throughout the exhibition track visitors’ movement through it. Their movement will be recorded in sand and by the end of the exhibition, will have made a log of the exhibition’s history. This history, while touched by each visitor, is not the product of a single person, but is made by the entire population of visitors each equally affecting the space.

東京藝術大学で開催されたマテリアライジング展にstudio_01と共同で作品「Epoch Ⅰ」を出展しました。

「Epoch I」は、会期中15日間かけて出力される、とても時間のかかる3Dプリンターのような作品です。会期中訪れる人々の動きによって形は変わり続け、その軌跡は砂のグラデーションとして記録されます。会場に設置されたセンサーから動きに関するデータを入力し、ロボットアームによって水で固まる砂を堆積させ、霧を降らせることで彫刻として固める、不特定多数の人々の軌跡による彫刻です。

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